Tequila Lime Boozy Pops



Yield 10 ice pops

These frosty Margaritas on a stick provide a refreshing summer cooler eaten as is... or use them as a fancy garnish for Margaritas, Palomas or Mexican Mules.



  1. Place one slice of lime and one slice of cucumber in each ice pop mold.
  2. Combine limeade and tequila in a small pitcher and pour into ice molds. Place ice mold cover on top and insert wooden sticks into each ice pop. Freeze for four hours or overnight.
  3. To unmold, remove the mold from the freezer and run a butter knife under the cover to release the lid. The corners can be a little sticky. Pull the individual popsicles out of the mold. You can remove the ice pops from the mold, place them in a ziplock bag and return to the freezer to store until you are ready to serve them.
  4. When ready to serve sprinkle with Tijan spice.

Cuisine New American

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