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BPA-free packaged tomatoes

I've been on a mission to minimize BPA exposure in my family's diet. BPA is an endocrine disrupter that is found in many many modern products, including the lining of canned goods. Exposure to BPA is linked to numerous developmental, neural and reproductive health problems. BPA in the lining of canned foods can leach into canned food, particularly when the canned food is high in acid or fat. So canned tomatoes are a particular problem.

Pomi BPA-free tomatoes

Good news, for tomato lovers, Pomi makes a great tasting, BPA-free organic tomato that is packaged in a carton rather than a can. And guess what else is in the carton? Just tomatoes! No preservatives, no added color or flavor, no GMO's, no water, no salt, no citric acid. Just great tasting tomatoes!

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BPA-free coconut milk

If you are looking for BPA free coconut milk, I highly recommend Aroy D, also just pure coconut milk with no additives, preservatives or water.    


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