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Chipotle chili

Chipotle chiles have an amazing smokey flavor.  They are actually smoked jalapeños, that have been allowed to ripen to a deep red before they are harvested and smoked.  Chipotle chiles have an alluring smokey aroma which belie their heat.  I mix them with sour cream when I make Killer tacos. When cooking with chipotle chiles remember, a little goes a long way. Chipotle chiles are available in a couple forms:

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Canned chipotle

Chipotle chiles are commonly available canned in adobo sauce which is comprised of tomatoes, vinegar and spices.  You have to fish each chili out of the smokey sauce. For most dishes, I use only one or two chilis. One chili is approximately one tablespoon. Even though the cans are tiny, you will not use a whole can in one dish. When cooking with chipotle chiles I add them one by one, tasting after each chili is added.  For me the trick is to add enough chiles to maximize their wonderful smokey flavor, but not use so many that you overheat the dish.  Heat is a very individual preference, so adding one by one is the best way to customize to your personal preference.

A little chipotle goes a long way


Chipotle chili powder

Chipotle chili powder is simply dried and powdered smoked jalapeños.  Use chipotle chili powder in place of regular chili powder when you want to add the smokey quality of chipotles.


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