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Cradle to Career Kenya: Click to help sponsor a child

You can do a very good thing today, simply by clicking "Like" at Cradle to Career: Kenya's Facebook page. Something New For Dinner and James Publishing's Kids are co-sponsoring Grace, a C2C middle schooler and Sharon, a sophomore in high school. When C2C collects 810 Facebook likes, we will sponsor the $810 required to feed, educate and house Grace for one year. When C2C obtains 1200 likes, we will sponsor the $1200 required to fund Sharon for one year. C2C is very close to collecting 810 likes. Help make Grace and Sharons's education dreams come true and click "Like" at C2C today.

No donation required, just click "Like" at the C2C Facebook page!

Cradle to Career: Kenya has provided food, clean water, housing and education to over 900 Kenyan orphans since it began in 2005. C2C takes in pre-school orphans and vulnerable children and provides them with the tools they need to succeed in life. C2C has recently expanded into supporting some of their students all the way through college and onto careers.

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Students pay it forward

A unique part of C2C's program is that they ask all their students to donate back to the program in some way. The youngest children must complete chores while the college students participate in some type of community service every month. After graduation, these college students donate 10% of their salaries back into the C2C program so new students can be fed, housed and educated.

Kenyan inspired recipes

As part of of our support for C2C, we are featuring recipes inspired by Kenya, and will be providing appetizers at C2C's upcoming May 2013 speaker series.

Want to learn more about C2C?

Contact my friend Jene Meece. Jene is over-the-top enthusiastic about the C2C program and the many impoverished orphans they are helping to become educated, contributing citizens. Every year Jene takes a group of interested people to Kenya to see the phenomenal work that C2C is doing. On her trips she makes a stop or two at some fascinating locations to see gorillas, giraffes and other incredible Kenyan wildlife. Interested in joining Jene? Just give her a call at (949) 533-9569 or contact her via email at


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