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Euro Cuisine yogurt maker

In general, I try to avoid single-purpose cooking tools and equipment unless it is something I will use a lot.  Next to my expresso maker and my food processor, my Euro Cuisine yogurt maker is one of my most frequently used pieces of electric culinary equipment. I typically make yogurt 2-6 times a week, depending on how many of my kids are home.

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While you don't need a dedicated yogurt maker to make yogurt, having one makes it very easy and convenient, and as a result you will make yogurt more often.  Priced at about $50, you will make your money back quickly as you avoid buying high-priced, overly sugared commercial yogurts. Environmentally, you eliminate the yogurt container waste by making the yogurt in great little glass jars. I recommend buying an extra set of glass jars so you always have clean glasses ready to make your next batch. 

See my recipe for making homemade Honey Yogurt and my tips for making yogurt.


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