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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

BBQ Tools and Moscow Mules

We have two different themes for gift ideas for Father's day: Barbecue tools and Moscow mule cups. These gift ideas really work together. What dad doesn't need some good barbecue tools? And what dad wouldn't mind sipping on a refreshing Moscow mule while slaving over a barbecue? Here are our best ideas:


Cuisinart 14-piece stainless steel grill set - $29.99

Every dad needs a quality set of grilling tools. This stainless steel tool set provides all the basics for flipping, turning and basting at the grill. Corn holders and a brush for cleaning up afterwards are a bonus.


Weber 3-sided grill brush - $7.99

For the fastidious dad, this tool keeps the grill clean by getting down into the crevices between the grates. I like this!


Weber professional grade grill basket - $19.99

Barbecue is about more than steak. This basket allows you to grill veggies and shrimp to perfection.


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Weber rapid-fire chimney starter - $14.99

The best way to get a charcoal grill started. Check out the reviews, 5 stars from over 1200 reviews.




Gecko grip silicone gloves - $16.67

These silicone, heat-resistant gloves provide great protection when cooking on the grill, a smoker or an outdoor fire.

Bear Paw meat handler claws - $15.95

Awarded best barbecue tool by the National Barbecue Association. These claws are not only great for lifting heavy pieces of meat, but can be used to shred pork, chicken or beef.



Ivation wireless long-range barbecue smoker meat thermometer - $59.99

This wireless remote thermometer allows dad to step away from the grill without worrying about overcooking the steak. A must for cooking meat in a smoker where you don't want to lift the lid and let the heat out to check the meat.



Instant read thermometer, dual probe fork - $20.99

No more guessing if the meat is done, or trying to compare your palm to your steak to figure out what is medium rare. This probe provides readings for chicken, beef, lamb, pork and turkey.


Moscow mule mugs

Moscow mule mugs are just the thing to keep dad's cocktail chilled while barbecuing. These mugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. Pick the size, shape and finish you like best.

Oggi 20-ounce Moscow mule copper mug - $24.99

These extra-large mugs have a beautiful high polish and will keep dad's extra large drink cold until the last sip.


Old Dutch 16-ounce hammered Moscow mule mugs – Sets of 4: $73.99

These hammered finished mugs, are slightly smaller, but do the job keeping cocktails cold.


Sertodo 20-ounce Moscow mule hammered copper mugs with steel handles - $135.50

These are my personal favorite. The shape is beautiful, the size is great and the steel handle is well shaped for larger hands.


Straight-sided 18-ounce copper Moscow mule mugs - $21.50

Here is a straight-sided and generously sized version of the Moscow mule mug.


Wishing you and your dad a wonderful Father's day!


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