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How to crack, separate & whip eggs

Many recipes call for you to separate the yolks from the whites of room temperature eggs. Room temperature eggs achieve better volume when whipped than cold eggs. The problem is it is easier to get a clean separation of egg whites and yolks with cold eggs than with warm eggs. So what do you do? Separate your egg whites with eggs fresh-out-of-the-fridge and then let your separated egg whites come to room temperature in a bowl.

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Separation anxiety and cracking up

When separating eggs, separate them one at a time, by cracking the egg in half and draining the egg white out of the half shell, while reserving the yolk.  Place the egg yolk in one bowl and the egg white in another bowl. After separating each egg, inspect the egg white for shells or yolk. Remove any shell.  If the egg whites are for whipping, discard any egg white that has yolk in it or you will have trouble getting volume. Once you have inspected the egg white in the second bowl, transfer it to a third bowl, the bowl you will whip your egg whites in. By inspecting each egg white before you transfer to the whipping bowl you will catch any unwanted shell or yolk, and not ruin your entire batch of egg whites.

Separate eggs one at time

Remove any shell


Whip it good

The best bowls for whipping egg whites are copper or stainless steel. Copper is more important if you are whipping egg whites by hand. Thank goodness for Benjamin Franklin and electricity. My advice is don't worry about the copper and definitely use an electric mixer. Never use an aluminum or glass bowl for whipping egg whites. Following these tips will make your next pavlova eggspecially good.


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