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How to prepare iceberg lettuce wraps

Lettuce cups are great as a substitute for tortillas and bread for those who avoid gluten. Lettuce cups are not only used for Asian dishes like Chicken and mango stuffed lettuce wraps, but everything from tuna fish or turkey sandwich to a chili wrap.   The challenge is how do you peel the cups off without shredding them to unusable bits?

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So how do you prepare iceberg lettuce cups?

To make perfect iceberg lettuce cups, whack your head of lettuce on the counter stem-side down. Next, turn it over and twist out the core with your fingers, taking care not to damage the leaves. Run water into the lettuce head to rinse, then turn the head upside down in a mesh sieve and let it drain. Gently peel the lettuce leaves off to make your cups, taking care not to rip them.


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