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Method – Double soups

Double Soups | Something New For Dinner Double soups became popular in the 1980's and 90's when cream-less pureed vegetable soups started showing up. In their New Basics Cookbook, Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins called double soups "rainbow soups." I love serving double soups for their "how do you do that," awe-inspiring presentation and for the opportunity to pair great vegetable flavors side by side.

Here are the keys to making great double soups

Making double soups is not hard. Here is what you need to know:

Soups must be of same consistency

Double Soups | Something New For Dinner A thin soup and a thick soup will not work. If one soup is thicker than the other you will need to thin it until both soups have the same consistency.

 Consider soup color

The color of the two soups should be distinct and complementary. For example, Spicy Carrot soup and Asparagus, leek & potato soup provide complementary vibrant green and orange color. [content_upgrade cu_id="15680"]Get our free cookbook: 15 Recipes That Will Make You Look Like A Star[content_upgrade_button]CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW[/content_upgrade_button][/content_upgrade]

Consider flavor

Each soup should distinctly capture the featured vegetable flavor and complement the flavor of the paired soup. Again, Spicy carrot soup and Asparagus, leek and potato soup provide distinct, but complementary flavors.

Use a blender to puree soup

While an emersion blender or food processor can be used to puree a vegetable soup, you get the creamiest results from pureeing with a blender. It takes a little more time, but the results are worth it.

Method for making cream-less pureed vegetable soups

Review this post for the method for making cream-less soups and ideas for flavor combinations.

Flat wide bowls are ideal

You can use deeper bowls, but flat, wide bowls are easier to pour and provide a wider visual surface to enjoy both soups.

Most cream-less vegetable soups freeze well

You don't have to make both soups on the same day. When you make a cream-less vegetable soup, make extra and freeze it. You can then mix and match the contents of your freezer soup inventory without a lot of work. Just heat and scoop.

How to pour double soups

Double Soups | Something New For Dinner Once you have both soups at the same consistency, use two measuring cups to pour soup. I actually like to use two metal cups that are used for steaming milk in an expresso machine. Fill both cups with the same amount of soup and simultaneously pour into opposite sides of your serving bowl.

Don't forget the garnish

You get even more visual bang by adding a garnish in the middle to tie the two soups together. Use a dollop of yogurt or creme fraiche, a medallion of goat cheese and snippets of fresh herbs.
Note: This post is a 10/23/22 updated version of a 5/2013 post.


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