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My Latest Amazon Finds Just in Time For Prime Day

Here are my latest Amazon finds for Prime Day 2020. Several of the items have made my life better during the pandemic.  
Note: SNFD is an Amazon affiliate and we may make a small commision when you purchase through our links. Note: We love you when you do!

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heater | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon
We purchased these outdoor heaters so we could extend our outdoor eating season through the fall and winter. Since covid19 we have moved all of our socializing to the backyard. These heaters do an amazing job of keeping everyone warm. We had them on the other night and they worked so well I took off my sweater. They do require some assembly, so get out your phillips screwdrivers and maybe a yoga pad or pillow. Once they are up and running you will love them.

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Warning! Outdoor heaters are in high demand for both personal and restaurant use so prices are skyrocketing. We paid $239 in August for one heater. Since that time I have seen them listed for over $600 and at the time of writing this post they are $435 to $450. This unit has 1,261 4.5 star reviews and is the best rated outdoor heater on Amazon.  

Outdoor Cleaning

SunJoe High Pressure Washer

Sunjoe high pressure washer | Something New For Dinner   I have to say, I LOVE this bad boy. I live by the water and my outside patio furniture cushions get very dirty. Cushions ready to be cleaned by Sunjoe | Something New For Dinner
Dirty Pillows
I bought the SunJoe to clean my sunbrella outdoor cushions, but have found all kinds of ways to use this device. You can hand scrub your sunbrella, but it is hard work and not nearly as effective as this device. After a summer of heavy cushion use by both people and my dogs it was time to give these cushions a good cleaning. I have a lot of cushions; I'm talking 25 pillows. It was a huge job, but so satisfying. You can literally see the dirt disappear. Before and after Sunjoe | Something New for Dinner Here is my process:
  1. Start by using a mild soap. I used Simple Green Oxy Solve, a biodegradable non-toxic cleaning solution. Use the soap nozzle to spray the cushions first. You don't want the soap to dry on the cushions, so spray just a few at a time.
  2. Change to the 40 degree nozzle, which is the least powerful, for cushions. Use short overlapping strokes or you will leave behind streaks that are dirty. If you have a stubborn stain, move the nozzle as close as you can to the stain and hold there for a few seconds. You will be amazed at how the dirt magically washes away.
  3. When you are done cleaning the pillows move them to a sunny place to dry. They will be water-soaked and heavy. I stand mine upright and am amazed that they will dry out the same day I clean them if I start the process early in the day. If you start later in the day and it is not sunny and hot it may take a day or two to dry out.
Pillows after cleaning with Sunjoe | Something New For Dinner As I write this blog the price for this high pressure washer is $149 and it has 19,000+ 4.5 star ratings.  

For Pet Owners

I have been spending a LOT of time with my dogs. Here are some items that have made both my dogs lives and my life a little better.

Angry Orange

Angry Orange | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon
If you have pets, you need this amazing solution. It has 15,000+ 4.5 star ratings on Amazon. The company's tagline is "smells like heaven and works like hell" and I agree. I use it for indoor accidents. You pet owners know what I am talking about. Even with well trained pets, there are times when they will get sick and have some sort of unpleasant accident. It is the price we pay to have pets in our lives. Angry Orange's enzymes literally eat what causes the odor and replaces with a fresh citrus scent.  

NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator

Yard odor eater | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon
This is the solution you need for outdoor pet odor issues. It is enzyme based and literally decomposes the urine. It has a fresh pleasant smell that masks the odor while the enzymes go to work. It is safe for animals and plants. I use it on concrete, grass and artificial turf.  

Yak Milk Dog Chews

Yak Milk Bones | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon
These are the best dog chews I have ever found. They are hard, long lasting, don't make a mess and my dogs love them. My husband and I joke that they are our dog's 5pm cocktail. We always have them around for when we leave the house for extended periods (thinking they will keep the dogs out of mischief) or when we want the dogs to relax and just hang out. I've tried other dog chews with less success. My dogs will swallow large pieces of rawhide once they have worked them until they are soft and antler bones can be too hard on their teeth.
Pro tip:
When the yak bone gets whittled down to an inch or two I take it away from my dogs so they don't swallow the bone remnant whole. Don't throw these little chunks out. Put them in the microwave for a minute or two. They¬† will puff up to a big crunchy, albeit messy, treat. I take the dogs outside to eat these. My dogs go nuts for them.  

Dog Water Bottle

Dog water bottle | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon
This bottle is great for taking with you on a dog walk on hot days. My pugs are particularly susceptible to overheating so having some water on hand can be important.  

Dyson Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Animal cordless vacuum cleaner | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon
With three dogs, all who shed, I use my vacuum cleaner a lot. I love the cordless Dyson Animal. It is easy to grab to clean up a quick mess or to clean all my floors. The attachments do a great job on chairs, couches, corners and hardwood furniture. Never thought I'd say I love a vacuum cleaner, but I sure do love this one.  

Something Fun


Custom Paint-By-Number Kits

Custom paint by number kits | Something New For Dinner
Caley's portrait of our dog Chubby
In these covid times many of us have taken to jigsaw puzzles to pass the evenings and weekends. I recently bought a bunch of these custom paint-by-number kits as an activity to celebrate my daughter Lauren's 34th birthday. It turns out these kits are fun for a wide variety of ages. Our group ranged from 27 to 68, but I can see the kits being interesting for kids as young as 10. These are detailed kits and not one-sitting projects. They will take you several sessions to finish. Custom paint by number kits | Something New For Dinner
Lauren's portrait of her and Margo
The fun part is customizing the pictures. You send in a photo and they create a paint by number kit from your photo. They send you a framed, printed canvas that is drawn and has designated numbers. You get a set of paints, two brushes and a separate numbered guide. Then it is all up to you. Custom paint by number kits | Something New For Dinner
Cam's picture of Lauren dancing

Aura Digital Picture Frame

Aura digital frame | Something New For dinner If you are like me, you take tons of pictures and then they get lost on the cloud never to be seen again. My daughter and her husband Cam gave us this digital picture frame and we enjoy looking at it every day. It randomly pops up photos bring back fond memories.¬† The best part is photos can be added remotely through your phone and by anybody you give permission to. It is a great way to keep up with family and friends who you can't frequently see during covid times.  

For Your Health

KN95 Masks

KN95 masks | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon
These masks are very close to N95 masks, the difference being the KN95 masks meet Chinese standards, whereas the N95 meet U.S. standards. There still is a U.S. N95 mask shortage so those should be reserved for frontline workers, but the KN95 masks are readily available to the general public. I use mine for more risky situations like doctor's visits or anytime I have to be indoors with other people. For outdoors I use cloth masks. KN95 masks would be my choice if I were to fly on an airplane.    

Lacrosse Massage Balls

lacrosse massage balls | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon
My son came home for a few days and brought one of these balls with him. I saw it laying around and decided to give it a try. Wow! It is so much better than a tennis ball in relieving sore muscles. I use two on either side of my spine and around my tailbone. They are now in my regular arsenal of tools to fight off the aches and pains of getting old.  

Your Face Pillow & Satin Cover

Your Face Pillow | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon
My daughter Lauren recommended this pillow and it is a winner. If you have any neck issues when you sleep this pillow gives great support. I recommend buying the satin cover too.  

Happy Prime Day Shopping!

I hope you enjoy my latest Amazon finds. Let us know what you think!

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