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Thanksgiving Main Dishes Beyond Turkey

Below are our favorite Thanksgiving main dishes. Turkey, of course is high on the list. That said some of us may just be in the mood for something different. Below are our favorites:

Incredible Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Bacon Wrapped Turkey | Something New For Dinner This is an eye-popping, delicious and fun recipe to serve. Over the years this has been one of SNFD's most popular and commented on recipes. What makes this recipe so special? Bacon, bacon and more bacon. It is slathered in a bacon-herb butter, inside and out. But the coup de grace, that sells everyone immediately, is a woven bacon jacket. Bacon Wrapped Turkey | Something New For Dinner You literally weave a jacket our of strips of bacon that covers the turkey. It keeps the turkey moist and eliminates the need to baste. This turkey is fun to make and gives you an an opportunity to dredge up your elementary school skills from back in the day when you wove placemats for holiday gifts.  

Bacon-Wrapped Spatchcocked Turkey in 80 Minutes

Bacon-wrapped spatchcocked turkey is the most beautiful, tasty and moist turkey you will ever make and it roasts in just 80 minutes. In the event that you are cooking for a smaller crowd, you may want to consider this spatchcocked version of a bacon-wrapped turkey. With covid-19 still a concern, many of us are celebrating in smaller groups. This bacon-wrapped turkey will deliver something special for your smaller guest list.  

Non- Turkey Options

Maybe this year is a good time to serve something other than turkey for your Thanksgiving main dish. I know for many a turkey-less thanksgiving is sacrilege. This is the one night a year that you get to have turkey with all the trimmings. But sometimes it is nice to mix it up. Here are some ideas:  

Crown Roast of Pork with Fruit Stuffing

This gorgeous crown roast of pork is stuffed with a fruited bread stuffing. It is simple to make & will help you navigate the holidays with ease and style. This roast is dramatic and delicious and I dare say easier than turkey. Plus, you still get to eat a delicious stuffing.  

The Best Prime Rib Roast

Our Prime Rib Roast Recipe | Something New For Dinner Prime rib roast is a lot easier to make than most people think. The key is to use a good thermometer to monitor the temperature.
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Slow-Braised Pomegranate Lamb Shanks

Slow braised pomegranate lamb shanks | Something New For Dinner This lamb dish is a stunningly beautiful crowd-pleaser that also happens to be very easy to make.   Whatever Thanksgiving main dish you serve, we wish you health, safety, the company of friends and family, delicious food and good cheer.    

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