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Announcing our winner!

Jean Gordon is the winner of Something New For Dinner's first give-away contest. Jean has won a beautiful handcrafted Kenyan wild olive wood salad bowl donated by our friends at Cradle to Career Kenya (C2C). C2C is doing wonderful things to educate and support Kenyan orphans. To date, they have supported and educated over 900 vulnerable children.

Facebook "Likes"generate donations

C2C has supporters who make additional donations when social media milestones are achieved. Something New For Dinner donated $810 when C2C achieved 810 Facebook "Likes." $810 is the cost to support one C2C middle school child for a year. Something New For dinner will donate an additional $1200 when C2C collects 1200 Face book "Likes." $1200 is the cost to support one C2C high school student for a year.

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Why are donations tied to Facebook likes?

C2C is making great strides in establishing their brand. Social media is key to establishing a brand. The more people exposed to C2C and their successful efforts in Kenya, the better.


So, please. Take a moment and click on "Like" on C2C's Facebook page. Your simple click will help support a child.


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