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Announcing SNFD’s Amazon store

Many of you have asked me where to purchase certain food items and cooking tools I use in Something New For Dinner recipes. To make it easier for you to source my recommended products, Bixa Media has developed a Something New For Dinner Amazon store.

Two ways to purchase

There are two ways you can purchase Amazon products through Something New For Dinner. You can go directly to our Amazon store link which is located in our navigation bar at the top of the page. Or you can click on product links that are imbedded in our recipes and posts. When you enter Amazon through our store link or our imbedded links, you can make your purchases the same way you normally do when you go directly through Amazon.

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Why I am a big fan of Amazon

I have long been a fan of Amazon for books, but recently have begun purchasing cooking tools, equipment and even food from Amazon. Why Amazon? Their prices are fair, their inventory is incredible, their reviews are helpful and their delivery is spectacular. I am finding most items arrive within 48 hours.

Your support helps us cover our costs

When ever you purchase any product through our links or our Amazon store, we receive a small commission which helps offset some of our operating costs. Your support is much appreciated.

Check out our new Amazon store

Let us know how it works for you.


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