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Arugula is a peppery nutritious ingredient is used in salads, soups, pesto, risotto, bruschetta, pizza, pasta, juice and sandwiches. But did you know arugula is not actually a lettuce? Arugula is a crucifer and a cousin to nutrition all-stars like broccoli, kale and brussel sprouts.

Arugula has a long history and goes by many names

Also known as rocket, rockette, rugula and rucola. The ancient Romans considered arugula an aphrodisiac. A poem ascribed to Virgil reads, "the rocket excites the sexual desire in drowey people." So beware the next time you dig into an arugula salad!

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Nutritional rocket

Arugula has very low calories, with only 8 calories for two cups, but is highly nutritious. High in Vitamins A, B, C, K and folate and a variety of minerals, arugula is loaded with phytochemicals that protect against various cancers. Arugula has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immuno modulator properties. Healthy, sexy and low-cal. What coould be better? See my arugula recipes: Green on green salad      


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