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Deglazing or how to make a pan sauce

Deglazing is a simple technique that captures the tasty bits and pieces from a roasted or pan-cooked piece of meat, chicken or fish to flavor and create a sauce. Remove your cooked meat from the roasting pan and set aside. Ladle off any excess fat from the pan, leaving a bit behind for flavor. Heat the pan on the stove top. When the pan is hot, add a splash of wine or stock. Vigorously scrape and stir the bottom of the pan with a whisk to release the browned bits. Once the bits are released you can continue cooking in the roasting pan or if you prefer, transfer to a small pan to reduce the liquid and concentrate the flavor. If you like, a pat of butter or a handful of herbs can be added.

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Taking this extra little step to make a pan sauce moistens your meat and enhances its flavor considerably.


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