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French lentils

De Puy French lentils are the emperor of lentils. Known as the "poor man's caviar," these peppery, mineral-rich, blue green legumes are grown in the Auvergne mountains of France. De Puy lentils are controlled by France's AOC designation, limiting what beans can be called a De Puy lentil to those grown in a very specific region. De Puy lentils are farmed in volcanic soil without watering or fertilizing. Unlike larger lentils that get mushy with cooking, De Puy lentils hold their shape when cooked. De Puy's are high in protein, fiber and minerals, and low in fat and starch.

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Lentil love

The first time I ate De Puy French lentils I was dining at Paris' historic Cremerie Restaurant Polidor with my childhood girlfriend Bene. She suggested I order the De Puy lentils as they were "very French." Heeding her suggestion, I was at first disappointed when I was presented with a large bowl of tiny army-green beans, festooned with a chunk of pork and bits of carrots and onions. (I came all the way to Paris to eat pork and beans???)  Then I took a whiff. Heavenly. After taking my first bite, I was hooked. Fortunately De Puys are fairly easy to track down in the US. If your grocery store does not carry them you can buy them online at Amazon.

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Try De Puy lentils in salad or in a sausage soup.


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