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Easter flowers: lilacs and tulips

Nothing says spring like fresh lilacs and tulips. Here is an easy arrangement of purple lilacs and yellow tulips for your Easter table. I use my go-to stemless wine glasses for vases. Stemless wine glasses are perfect for creating low dining table arrangements that do not get in the way of conversation.

Easter Flowers: Lilacs & Tulips | Something New For Dinner

I use inexpensive wine glasses and keep them just for flower arranging. The reason is the water in the floral arrangements will etch the glass. You don't notice the etching in a floral arrangement, but you definitely will notice it in your wine glass.

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Lilacs are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring. Like wisteria, lilacs only bloom for a couple weeks, and when they bloom is highly dependent on the weather. So the bottom line is we have lilacs when we have lilacs; there is no scheduling their bloom. If you miss lilac season, you can substitute 3-4 small hydrangeas in each vase for the lilacs.


Tulips have a bit longer season than lilacs and are commercially available winter through spring.

What you will need

Easter Flowers: Lilacs & Tulips | Something New For Dinner


  • Fill your wine glasses halfway with floral marbles and fill 3/4 full with water.

Easter Flowers: Lilacs & Tulips | Something New For Dinner

  • Trim your lilac stems, so each stem is about 8-9" long. Remove the most of the leaves from the stem, so that there will be no leaves submerged under the water line.
  • Put 4-5 lilac stems in each vase, arranged loosely around the edge of the glass.
  • Trim the tulips so they are various lengths, between 10-13" long.
  • Arrange the 5 tulips in the middle of each vase so they peek up above the lilacs.

Easter Flowers: Lilacs & Tulips | Something New For Dinner


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