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Easter supper ideas

Easter is almost here and the big question, "What do I cook for Easter supper?" is upon us. In addition to the new recipes we posted this week, here are a variety of recipes for from our archives that will make your Easter dinner delicious.


Rack of lambRack Of Lamb | Something New For Dinner

If you don't want to make a whole leg of lamb, rack of lamb is a nice alternative. One rack of lamb serves two people nicely. Unless you eat lamb like my son, then you need to multiply by four! This recipe is fool-proof. Sear the racks on the stove or the grill and finish them in the oven. Check out the Australian rack of lamb at Costco for the best price on great quality rack of lamb I have found.


Roast chicken with pixies, fennel and ouzoRoast Chicken With Pixies & Ouzo | Something New For Dinner

This mouthwatering Ottolenghi recipe is a perfect make-ahead recipe for a crowd. You marinate the chicken overnight, and then roast it the next day in the oven. Ouzo, pixies and fennel sound a bit odd, but the flavors meld beautifully. It reminds me a lot of the Silver Palate Cookbook's Chicken Marbella that was uber popular in the 80's.


Pascal's green beansPascalsGreenBeans_Slide3

These crunchy green beans were made famous at Pascal's Epicerie in Newport Beach. Served at room temperature, they are a great make-ahead dish for large family gatherings where you don't want to worry about serving everything hot.


Ottolenghi's caramelized endive with prosciuttoCaramelized Endive W/ Prosciutto | Something New For Dinner

This scrumptious make-ahead Ottolenghi dish comes from Ottolenghi: The Cookbook. The endives can be prepared early in the day and then tossed in the oven for a few minutes right before serving. I promise this savory vegetable dish will get you rave reviews.


VichyssoiseVichyssoise | Something New For Dinner

This old-school treat is best made a day in advance, as the flavors meld and it must be served icy cold. Vichyssoise is a childhood favorite of mine that pairs particularly well with lamb.

Green on green spring saladGreen On Green Spring Salad | Something New For Dinner

This salad balances bitter arugula, crunchy celery, buttery avocado, grilled zucchini, a peppery olive oil, fresh lemon dressing and salty pecorino cheese. It is a good combination that brings together an interesting contrast of textures and flavors, all of which happen to be green and spring fresh.


Butter lettuce salad with fines herbes and walnut oil dressing Butter Lettuce Salad | Something New For Dinner

This is my all-time favorite green salad. It is extraordinarily fresh tasting, light and the perfect mouth-cleansing salad to accompany a roast. I could eat this salad all day and all night. I know "fines herbes" looks like a typo, but it is actually the French spelling. Check out my post to learn more about this traditional combination. And if you haven't discovered walnut oil for salad dressing, one whiff of this fragrant and healthy oil will have you convinced.


Mario Batali's strawberry panna cotta Panna cotta translates to "cooked cream" in Italian. It is a silky, custard-like dessert made of cream and gelatin, that is topped with fresh fruit.


This panna cotta is a wonderful way to showcase fresh spring strawberries. A splash of balsamic vinegar and a sprinkling of fresh ground pepper give it a bit of depth and zip.


Happy Easter!


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