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Don’t be afraid of a little fat

I've been cooking for a long time, long before the low-fat mantra was popularized, and now it looks like things are going full-circle and we are getting back to understanding the nutritional value of fat. And I'm not just talking olive oil. I'm talking nuts, avocado, eggs and even saturated fat. Yes, I'm talking about butter, whole milk, cheese and even cream.


The truth is, I never bought the low-fat story. Margarine, low-fat cheese and non-fat processed foods always tasted bad. And I fervently believe food should taste delicious. I stuck with real butter when my friends were eschewing it like the plague. And now I'm feeling vindicated.

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The latest science is disproving our longstanding fear of fat, even saturated fats, and dispelling the low-fat nutritional model. Turns out the fat in milk, cream and butter is where all the nourishment is. The real villains are transfat, highly processed carbs, sugar and a sedentary lifestyle. Read this Australian meta-analysis or this recent NPR article to see where the science is going.


Have we got it all figured out yet? No, there is a lot we still don't know, and I am sure there will be more nutritional sacred cows overturned in the future. But my bet is if you fill at least half your plate with vegetables and fruits and eat whole, natural foods, including fats, you won't go too far astray.


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