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What to give mom for Mother’s Day

If you want to know what to give mom for Mother's Day, something that will really knock her socks off, it is very simple. Moms want to spend time with their kids. Well, at least when their kids are adults. When their kids are little, moms might actually like a little time to themselves. Funny how that works!



My favorite gift from my grown kids (Lauren, Ryan, Margo and Mikey, this is definitely a hint) is when they cook me a meal. The best gift my kids have given me is when they host a small dinner party for me and our friends and do everything - they plan the meal, cook it, serve it and clean it all up. It is heaven!


If you are not up to the dinner party gift, or your mom is too far away to cook for, here are some Mother's Day gift ideas.

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Flower arranging and gardening

It is a good bet your mom likes flowers. And there is a good chance she would enjoy doing a little flower arranging. Here is a great book and some supplies that will help her arrange her own flowers.

The Flower Recipe Book - $14.10

This beautifully photographed book is a great introduction to flower arranging that walks you through the supplies and tools you need, how to select a vase, types of flowers and arranging tips and techniques. The book includes recipes you can follow to make specific arrangements, but also gives you the knowledge to branch out and design your own.

Kotobuki Nagaba flower arranging shears -  $28.53

These traditional Japanese flower arranging shears are as functional as they are beautiful. The blades are ideal for cutting thick branches and stems.

Barnel B5000 thorn stripper - $11.70

If you have ever arranged flowers, you will quickly see the value in this tool. It allows you to strip the leaves and thorns off roses and other flowers in one quick motion.  

Mason Jar Flower Frog  - $1.80

Screw this flower frog into: These mason jars, and

Ball jar heritage collection pint jars - $10.99

Your mom's flowers will almost arrange themselves.

Vertical gardens

Give your mom one or more of these great wall planters by Woolly Pockets to make living arrangements or to grow a little herb garden. There are two kinds of Wooly Pockets:

Wally 1, Wally 3 and Wally 5 - $38, $99.99, $149.99

These are fabric pockets that come in one, three or five side-by-side pockets that can be hung indoors or outdoors. They come in black, chocolate, turquoise and green. Planted, they make a plain wall beautiful.

Living Wall Planter Vertical Garden - $33.56

Wooly pockets has recently introduced a hard shell version that I think has a little more planting space than the fabric pockets. They have a self watering feature and can be linked to a timed watering system. I installed a dozen on my sunny back fence to create a vertical herb and vegetable garden in my tiny shady yard. Happy Mother's Day!


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