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Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Will Love

Mother's Day this year may be a little odd for many people as many of us will not be able to actually spend time with their moms as we are all sheltering in place and social distancing. Mom is glad for that, because the first thing she wants is for you to be safe.

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The next thing mom wants is to spend a little time with you, even if it is virtually. So invite your mom to a Zoom or Houseparty chat and she will be thrilled. If you are also looking for a gift for mom, here are our best picks for items that will make sheltering in place just a little better.
Note: SNFD is an Amazon affiliate and we may make a small commission when you purchase through our links.

Aura Digital Picture Frame

Aura digital frame | Something New For Dinner This digital frame is one of the best gifts I have ever received from my kids. Thank you Lauren and Cam! This frame is easy to set up and photos are added via your phone. The best thing is your kids can add photos too, so you have a constant supply of up-to-date photos. I love walking by and seeing photos of family dinners, great vacations and goofy pictures of my dogs.  

Spa Thongs

House slippers | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon
These slippers are another item I never thought I would want, but in today's coronavirus, sheltering-in-place environment these slippers help me keep my outside shoes outside and give me something comfy to wear inside. They come in an array of colors and have a cozy memory foam foot bed. Here is another style I haven't tried but think they look great.  

Cuticle Oil

This cuticle oil is a nice treat for dried up hands that feel like they have been washed 200 times a day. It soothes and moistens and is great for the feet too.  

Glass Nail File

Glass nail file | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon
I love this glass nail file. You can file both ways on your nails without ripping them up. They come in an assortment of pretty colors.

Vuori Joggers

Vuori joggers | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Vuori
These Vuori joggers are nothing short of amazing. They are made from the softest material that are perfect for lounging around the house as well as going on a walk or a grocery store run. If mom is WFH and has daily Zoom business calls she can pair these joggers with a more formal blouse and no one will know that while she is all business on top she is comfy cozy on the bottom. Note: I have no financial arrangement with this company. I just love their product and think you will too.  

Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

What mom doesn't like chocolate peanut butter cups? These are the grown up dark chocolate version that are bite-sized so you don't have to feel too guilty when you eat one, or two, or maybe even three.  

Solar Tiki Torches with Flickering Lights

Solar tiki torches | Something New For Dinner

Photo credit: Amazon
For a little evening ambiance without having to worry about setting the house on fire you can't beat these beautiful solar torches. They take just 5 minutes to set them up, you push a button to turn them on and then let them soak up the rays for the day. When the sun goes down they will automatically turn on and provide a warm and exotic atmosphere in your backyard, front porch or rooftop patio. Or take them to the beach or the park with you for a tiki torch-lit picnic. Guaranteed, mom will be impressed.

How to Drink More Water


Photo credit: Amazon

Mira Stainless Steel Water bottles

These awesome bottles come in two sizes: 24 ounce and 17 ounce. I personally prefer the 24 ounce as my goal is to drink 72 ounces of water per day. These bottles keep cold liquids cold for a day even if you leave them in a hot car. I put ice in mine and the ice is still good the next day. Mira bottles are also good for hot coffee or tea, just be careful because these liquids will retain their heat very well. They come in cool colors. No plasticisers to worry about and the bonus is an entire bottle of wine will fit in the 24 ounce bottle! Mom will love this gift!   Prodyne Infusion Pitcher | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon

Prodyne Fruit Infusion Water Pitcher

Everyone knows hydration is important, but some of us don't get around to drinking enough. These fruit infusion pitchers elevate a simple drink of water into a tasty refreshment. I load mine with an assortment of fruits and herbs. Try lemons, limes, oranges, cucumbers, strawberries, mango, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, mint, thyme and basil. Water never tasted so good!  

Flowers and Lighting

Mom likes a happy environment and flowers and gentle lighting always make a room cozier, even if it is outdoors. Blue Mason Jar Flower Arrangements | Something New For Dinner

Colored Mason Jars

These fun and multi-functional Ball mason jars now come in three colors: blue, purple and green. They are my go-to vases when I want to make quick table arrangements.   Frog Lids | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon

Frog Lids and Inserts for Flower Arranging

I start with the colored mason jars and then add screw on frog lids or inserts. The flowers practically arrange themselves. The frog lids come in weathered tin and black crackle.   Frog Inserts | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon
  Or these inexpensive frog inserts can be used with the lids that already come with the jars.   Hanging Solar Lid Lights | Something New For Dinner
Photo credit: Amazon

Hanging Solar Lids

These hanging solar lids transform a mason jar into a beautiful night light. Use them indoors as night lights or hang them outside to create beautiful outdoor lighting in your patio or yard.   Hanging Globe Lights | Something New For Dinner

Outdoor Globe Lights

String these globe lights up in your mom's yard and watch her smile. Globe lights create a festive atmosphere for backyard entertaining.   Happy Mother's Day!

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