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Mother’s Day gifts mom will love

If you are having trouble figuring out what to get mom for Mother's Day this gift guide will help you out. What mom really wants is to spend more quality time with you and to help you be healthy and happy. These gifts were all selected with these goals in mind.

Note: SNFD is an Amazon affiliate and we may make a small commission when you purchase through our links.

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Solar Tiki Torches with Flickering Lights

Solar tiki torches | Something New For Dinner

Photo credit: Amazon

For a little evening ambiance without having to worry about setting the house on fire you can't beat these beautiful solar torches. They take just 5 minutes to set them up, you push a button to turn them on and then let them soak up the rays for the day. When the sun goes down they will automatically turn on and provide a warm and exotic atmosphere in your backyard, front porch or rooftop patio. Or take them to the beach or the park with you for a tiki torch-lit picnic. Guaranteed, mom will be impressed.

How to Drink More Water


Mira Stainless Steel Water bottles

These awesome bottles come in two sizes: 24 ounce and 17 ounce. I personally prefer the 24 ounce as my goal is to drink 72 ounces of water per day. These bottles keep cold liquids cold for a day even if you leave them in a hot car. I put ice in mine and the ice is still good the next day. Mira bottles are also good for hot coffee or tea, just be careful because these liquids will retain their heat very well. They come in cool colors. No plasticisers to worry about and the bonus is an entire bottle of wine will fit in the 24 ounce bottle! Mom will love this gift!     Prodyne Infusion Pitcher | Something New For Dinner

Prodyne Fruit Infusion Water Pitcher

Everyone knows hydration is important, but some of us don't get around to drinking enough. These fruit infusion pitchers elevate a simple drink of water into a tasty refreshment. I load mine with an assortment of fruits and herbs. Try lemons, limes, oranges, cucumbers, strawberries, mango, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, mint, thyme and basil. Water never tasted so good!  

Copper Serving Pieces

If you are a Moscow mule fan, you know how nice it is to sip your cocktail from a chilled copper mug. Copper keeps liquids icy cold and has been found to purify contaminated water. Some believe drinking water from copper provides a range of health benefits. Here are some serving pieces from our favorite Moscow mule mug manufacturer, Sertodo: Sertado Copper Pitcher | Something New For Dinner

Sertodo Copper Pitcher

This beautiful handcrafted pitcher made from recycled copper is just the thing for cooling down a pitcher of water or even better, a pitcher of Moscow mules.  

Sertodo Serving Platters

Sertodo makes a range of beautiful hand-crafted hammered serving plates that will make mom's next meal look spectacular. Sertado Serving Platter | Something New For Dinner Oval hammered platters come in two sizes: 16" x 11" and 27" x 19."   Sertado Rectangular Copper Platter Sertodo also offers rectangular platters in two sizes:  21" x 16" and 27 x 19" as well as a 14" square and 18" square platter.   Sertado Moscow Mule Mugs | Something New For Dinner And don't forget Sertodo's oversized Moscow mule mugs with stainless steel handles. We have four Moscow mule recipes to experiment with: Maui Moscow mule, Orange mule, Garden mule, Pomegranate mule and Pineapple mule.  

Tools to Eat More Vegetables

Paderno Vegetable Spiralizer | Something New For Dinner

Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Mom has been trying to get you to eat more vegetables since before you could walk. This tool provides a delicious way to boost your vegetable intake. If you haven't tried zoodles yet you are missing the boat on a fun and flavorful way to eat more vegetables and fewer carbs. The Paderno spiral slicer provides three different noodle cuts which make great pasta alternatives as well as delicious salad add-ons. Try our zoodle recipes: Zoodles with leeks, pancetta and sundried tomatoes, Zoodles carbonara and Zoodles with sausage and rapini.

Deisse Julienne Slicer | Something New For Dinner

Deiss Julienne Peeler

This highly recommended vegetable peeler makes preparing vegetables fun. It peels, slices and juliennes. You can even use it to make zoodles and other vegetable noodles.  

Flowers and Lighting

Mom likes a happy environment and flowers and gentle lighting always make a room cozier, even if it is outdoors. Blue Mason Jar Flower Arrangements | Something New For Dinner

Colored Mason Jars

These fun and multi-functional Ball mason jars now come in three colors: blue, purple and green. They are my go-to vases when I want to make quick table arrangements.   Frog Lids | Something New For Dinner

Frog Lids and Inserts for Flower Arranging

I start with the colored mason jars and then add screw on frog lids or inserts. The flowers practically arrange themselves. The frog lids come in weathered tin and black crackle.   Frog Inserts | Something New For Dinner Or these inexpensive frog inserts can be used with the lids that already come with the jars.   Hanging Solar Lid Lights | Something New For Dinner

Hanging Solar Lids

These hanging solar lids transform a mason jar into a beautiful night light. Use them indoors as night lights or hang them outside to create beautiful outdoor lighting in your patio or yard.   Hanging Globe Lights | Something New For Dinner

Outdoor Globe Lights

String these globe lights up in your mom's yard and watch her smile. Globe lights create a festive atmosphere for backyard entertaining.   Happy Mother's Day!

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