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How to peel & chop ginger root

The easiest way to peel ginger and remove just the skin without wasting a lot of the root is to use a spoon.  Seriously.  Break off a segment of your ginger.  Use a spoon to scrape off the peel.  It takes seconds and does a great job.

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My two favorite ways to chop and grate ginger

My favorite way to chop ginger is in a food processor or a mini-processor.  If I am just chopping medium amounts of ginger, and don't want a very fine grate, I use a Cuisinart Mini Prep, which is surprisingly affordable.  Depending on the model you buy, they run $30-$40. If I am grating a small amount of ginger, and want a very fine grate, I use a microplane.

Quick, clean method for peeling ginger

This method for peeling ginger comes in handy when you make Puamana coconut rice or Japanese cucumber salad.


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