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Gruyère cheese

Gruyère cheese is a nutty, sweet, salty and slightly granular unpasteurized cow cheese named after the town of Gruyère in Switzerland. Gruyère melts very well and is traditionally used in quiche lorraine, fondue, gratins, French onion soup and the famous Croque-Monsieur sandwich (The French version of a grilled ham and cheese.) True gruyère cheese is protected by Swiss law and the AOC , but there are gruyère-like cheeses produced in France, Greece and the United States. Gruyère improves with age. The best gruyere is Le Gruyère Premier Cru, which is cave-aged for 14 months. Le Gruyère Premier Cru is the only cheese to win the Best Cheese of the World award four times. Le Gruyère Premier Cru is definitely worth checking out.

Gruyère is not just for melting

While gruyère melts beautifully, it is hard enough to use as a grated cheese. A good quality gruyère pairs well with many wines including: sauvignon blanc, riesling  non-oaky chardonnays, pinot noirs, cabernet sauvignons and merlots. Also good with a glass of beer and a slice of apple.

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Recipes that include gruyère include:


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