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Highlights from my trip to Thailand

I just returned from a trip to Thailand. We did a lot of fabulous things, cooked and ate a lot of great food, but the highlight of my trip was meeting this elephant, Suvalis. His owner was a third-generation elephant handler, or mahout. Thai elephants traditionally worked as loggers, but now are very involved with the tourist industry. They are amazing, intelligent and gentle animals. If you have any doubts, check out this video showing a painting elephant, a fairly common attraction in Thailand.

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Thai cooking

Of course I spent a lot of my time in Thailand cooking. JP and I took a Thai cooking class at the Maliwan Thai cooking school in Bangkok. This is our instructor Mae. We sailed throughout the Andaman sea for a week and had the great fortune to have a Thai cook on board, named Dang. Dang was a dang good cook! And we had the opportunity to cook with two sweet ladies, Juang and Gift, in a private home in Koh Samui. I learned so much about Thai food at the hands of these gracious and generous people. So for this week, I bring you a Thai chicken coconut soup recipe and a blog post on how to make coconut milk from scratch. There will be many more Thai recipes in the coming weeks, so check back soon!


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