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Homemade Valentine’s Day dinner

The worst night to eat out and the best night to cook at home

To me, the worst night to go out to dinner is Valentine's Day. You have to make reservations weeks in advance, seating is often limited to weird times so the restaurants can squeeze in as many turns as possible, menus are often fixed, prices are high and you have to fight hordes of people.


So what do you do? The simple answer is cook at home and go out before or after Valentine's Day.

Great meals for Valentine's Day

So if you want to avoid the hordes and have a truly romantic dinner, here are our menu recommendations. We have included main entrees, salads and sides and desserts. Each recipe is rated by difficulty, time and expense to make it easy for you to pick the perfect Valentine's Day menu.

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Bacon wrapped filet mignon

Super Easy - Under 30 minutes - Pricey

Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon | Something New For Dinner

Chilean sea bass with tropical fruit salsa

Moderate difficulty - 1 hour - Pricey

 Chilean Sea Bass With Tropical Salsa | Something New For Dinner

Rack of lamb

 Easy - 40 minutes - Pricey


Slow-cooker chicken with walnuts and pomegranates

30 minutes preparation - 5 hours in slow cooker - Moderately priced


Roast spatchcocked chicken and grapes

Easy - Under an hour - Moderately priced


Teriyaki salmon

Easy - Under 30 minutes - Moderately priced


Grilled branzino with lime and herbs

Easy - Under half an hour - Moderately priced


Maple-brined grilled pork chops

Easy - Under 30 minutes + 3-4 hours brining - Moderately priced


Florentine-style steak and arugula salad

Easy - 30 minutes active time + 30 minutes resting - Pricey


Simple Caesar salad

Super easy - Under 30 minutes - Moderately priced


Pear, prosciutto & pomegranate salad 

Easy - Under 30 minutes - Moderately priced


Warm goat cheese salad

Easy - 30 minutes - Moderately priced


Arugula salad with shiitake mushrooms and pancetta

Easy - 30 minutes - Pricey


Stir-fried green beans and feta

Easy - 15 minutes - Less expensive


French onion soup

Moderate difficulty - 1.5 hours - Less expensive


Grilled artichokes

Easy - 1 hour - Less expensive


Tomato, basil and feta bruschetta

Easy - 15 minutes - Inexpensive


Angel food cake

 More advanced - 2 + hours - Cheap


Strawberries, sour cream and brown sugar

Doesn't get easier - 5 minutes - Moderately priced


Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookies

Moderate difficulty - 45 minutes preparation + 24 hour in fridge - Pricey


Chocolate espresso pots of cream

Easy - 1 hour of prep time + 2-3 hours in the fridge - pricey


Pavlova with berries, brown sugar and sour cream


How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?



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