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How to wash leeks

Leeks add a wonderful mild oniony flavor to soups, pasta, eggs and salads. They are cardio-protective, high in antioxidants, Vitamin K, A, C, manganese and folate.  The problem with leeks is they are very dirty vegetables. The dirt gets stuck between their layers and it is a challenge to remove. You can't just lightly rinse them or you will have visible amounts of dirt in your food.

Dirty leeks

Here is the trick to getting squeaky clean leeks:

1.  Fill the sink with cold water

Slice your leeks lengthwise and soak them in the water for a couple minutes.

Bathing leeks

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2.  Play rough

Holding the half leek by the root, swish it around in the water aggressively so the water gets between the layers.  Use your other hand to bend back the layers to get the water in deep.  Check to see if the dirt is gone by slapping the half leek against the side of the sink.  If there is dirt remaining it will come out when you slap the leek around.

3.  Check and repeat if needed

If dirt is still coming out of the leek, repeat step 2 until the leek water runs clean when slapped against the side of the sink. Use this method when making Roasted leek, pancetta and sun-dried tomato sauce.


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