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Stonehouse California olive oil

I'm always on the hunt for great olive oil, particularly when I am traveling. A few years ago I was exploring the various shops at the Ferry Building in SanFrancisco and came across Stonehouse California olive oils. I now stock their oil in my pantry at all times. In fact, I purchase their 10-liter  house blend bulk container and use it for my own cooking and to give away bottles to friends and family. A bottle of Stonehouse oil makes a great hostess gift instead of a bottle of wine. I keep mine in a repurposed bottle of Chimay Belgian beer sealed with a pour spout. The beer bottle is a handy size for grabbing and pouring and it's dark glass protects the oil from light. 


Certified EVOO

Stonehouse olive oil is made from California-grown olives and pressed at their olive mill.  All of their olive oils are certified as extra virgin by the California Olive Oil Council.  Sadly, due to wide-spread olive oil fraud, certification of extra virgin olive oil is important because much of what is labeled as extra virgin is in fact not extra-virgin.

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Infused oils

I love Stonehouse's citrus olive oils, particularly their Myer lemon, Blood Orange, Persian lime and when in season their incredible tangerine oil. These citrus-infused oils make exquisite vinaigrettes, are a great addition to salsas, and are wonderful for finishing fish, poultry or soup. An no this is not a sponsored post, I just love their products.


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