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Walnut oil

To fall in love with walnut oil all you have to do is buy a bottle, open it up and take a deep whiff. This delicious and aromatic oil is wonderful for salad dressing, tossing with pasta, or as a finishing oil for fish, chicken or meat. I like to pair walnut oil  with a white wine or champagne vinegar, or more boldly with Spanish Jerez vinegar.

Walnut oil is healthy oil

Nutritionally, walnut oil is a healthy cooking oil, full of antioxidants,  omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, Vitamin E and niacin. You can enhance the depth and texture of walnut oil by pairing it with toasted walnuts in salads or pasta.

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Buying and storing walnut oil

Don't waste your money cooking at high heats with walnut oil as it degrades at high temperatures. Some cooks advocate baking with it at moderate temperatures. Store in the fridge after opening and use within 6 months for best results. There are several manufacturers of walnut oil. I like La Tourangelle walnut oil, a California company that makes walnut oil in the traditional French style.  You can buy walnut oil at many markets and online at Amazon.


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