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Spanish sherry vinegar from Jerez

Spanish Jerez sherry vinegar is a deep and oaky vinegar made from sherry wine in the Cadiz province of Spain. This ancient vinegar goes back to the 1600's when sherry production began in the south of Spain and was originally the product of sherry gone bad. Today, Vinagre de Jerez is tightly controlled by Spanish and EU law in terms of where it is produced, how it is produced and how it is labeled.

Dryer, less syrupy and cheaper than a good balsamic

A refreshing change to the now ubiquious balsamic vinegars, use this dry flavorful vinegar in gazpacho, soups, stews, marinades and salad dressings. Or perk up meats, poultry, pasta or vegetables with a splash. I like to whisk Jerez vinegar with walnut oil for a great salad dressing. Less expensive than balsamic vinegar, jerez vinegar prices range from about $10 to $40.

Reserved Spanish sherry vinegar

Aged from 6 months to 75 years, there are great differences in qualities of Jerez vinegar, with Reserva bottles requiring two years of aging in oak casks, and Gran Reserva requiring 10 or more years of aging. The good stuff has a sharper more intense flavor.  Treat yourself to a good bottle. You won't be disappointed.

Where to buy Jerez vinegar

La Posada Spanish sherry vinegar is available at many super markets. If La Posada is not available at your market or you are interested in buying a reserve vinegar there are many sources on line, including Amazon.


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