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Turkey photo contest winners

We loved receiving all your turkey photos. They began pouring in Thanksgiving day and just kept coming. In fact, if you tried to reach us via email, our email box crashed for about 24 hours, quite possibly because of the influx of high res pictures. There were so many great entries to our turkey photo contest I wish we had a dozen prizes. Most of the photos submitted were for our Incredible bacon wrapped turkey recipe, but we had a few additional ones. Here are our favorites (you will have to scroll down to the bottom to see the winners!)

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Favorite turkey photos

Incredible bacon wrapped turkey photos:

Jenny T

Jenny T sent in this beautiful and humorous bird. She had to explain the carving board's duck handle flying between the turkey's legs. Jenny and her family cook for 50 family members. To deal with the lack of oven space they cook their turkeys in the barbecue. This is a great solution to the oven problem we all deal with on Thanksgiving.

Todd C

Todd C sent in this series of his first turkey ever. He used extra thick, double smoked Polish bacon that resulted in a more organic bacon weave that we think is just gorgeous. Todd was cooking for some experienced chefs who he said were "completely shocked" by this turkey."  "Everyone turned into a wild animal ravishing a carcass on the Serengeti!"

Danielle S

Danielle S submitted this photo of her first turkey. She added additional bacon strips under the skin of the turkey which she said "cooked into an amazingly delectable, most sought after, crumbly caramelized bacon." We are definitely going to have to try this added step out!

Tim & Michelle D

We loved receiving Tim and Michelle D's photo. Not only did they make our bacon wrapped turkey, but they also made our Thanksgiving flower arrangements. Michelle said "This was our best turkey ever!"

Aileen C

Aileen C also made bacon wrapped turkey and sent us pictures of the finished turkey, but we were captivated by this picture of her dog standing guard in front of the oven while it cooked.

Margie K

Margie K sent us before and after pictures, but we thought she did an especially fabulous job of weaving the bacon jacket. Margie said "It was the best turkey I have ever made."

Melisa E

Melisa E sent in this picture of her bacon wrapped turkey with green bacon herb butter. We thought the herb butter peaking through the bacon was beautiful with the green apples. Melissa said her turkey was very good and flavorful even though she overcooked it. That is the beauty of the bacon jacket; there is not much that can go wrong.

Lockie R

Lockie R sent in this picture of her turkey and her husband. In this case, a picture says a thousand words! Not to mention her son's hashtags.

Art M 

Art M sent in this series showing the bacon-butter massaged turkey, the bacon-jacketed turkey and the final bird fresh out of the oven. We liked the tutorial nature of this series.

Other non-bacon wrapped entries:

Ashly B

Ashly B sent in this picture of her brining turkey with the title "Fifty shades of turkey." Ashly said "I own my turkey when I brine it." Just goes to show you that there is nothing that can't be done better with duct tape.

Bruce G

Bruce G. sent in this gorgeous picture of our Spatchcocked turkey. While we love this picture, what we really love was Bruce's video:

The winners are:

Todd C for his gorgeous free-form Polish bacon-wrapped masterpiece. Todd you won the Cuisinart Mini-Prep. This mini food processor is not big enough to process a half pound of butter and a half pound of bacon, but I am sure you will find it an amazing tool for herbs, nuts, spices, garlic and onion. Note: he hand chopped his bacon to make the bacon-butter-herb compound.


Tim & Michelle D for their gorgeous bacon wrapped turkey and mason jar floral arrangements. You have won the CDN digital thermometer.


Lockie R for her beautifully bacon wrapped, bird, her husband's photo bomb and her son's great hashtags. We are adding a bonus prize to the contest. You have won a Something New For Dinner apron. Winners please watch your mail boxes as your prizes will arrive shortly. Thank you all for your photo entries. We appreciate your sharing a little of your Thanksgiving with us.



  1. Nancy B says:

    The photo bombed turkey was by far the best (and most entertaining) submission.

  2. Lockie R says:

    We had so much fun making your bacon wrapped turkey and it was the best turkey we have ever made. Can’t wait to wear our SNFD apron proudly and try all the Christmas reciepes!! Best website ever!

    1. Kim says:

      So glad you enjoyed the turkey Lockie. We enjoyed your photo! I agree with Nancy that is was definitely the most entertaining!

  3. vicki norman says:

    Can”t wait to get my beautiful new apron …throw in some of that “magical cooking dust” you have in abundance Kim !

    1. Kim says:

      HI Vicki, If you had trouble ordering an apron let me know. We were missing our “buy” button for about 24 hours but it is now up and running. And yes, each apron comes with “magical cooking dust!”

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