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Sriracha sauce

Sriracha hot chili sauce has taken the world by storm. Pronounced SEE-rah-chah, it is made of chili pepper, vinegar, garlic and salt and is traditionally used as a dipping sauce or condiment in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Today, it has become near ubiquitous, not only in Asian restaurants, but in just about everyone's fridge. In fact, Bon Apetit named Sriracha "ingredient of the year" in 2010.

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Rooster sriracha HOT chili sauce

The Hoy Fung company, based in Los Angeles, makes the "rooster sauce," most Americans are familiar with.  David Tran, an immigrant from Vietnam, founded the company in 1980 thinking he would sell a few bottles to Asian immigrants. In 2012 he sold a mere 20 million bottles! In a Business Week article, Tran was quoted as saying, "I make sauce good enough for the rich man that the poor man can still afford." That may be the secret to his amazing success.


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