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Bahama conch rum cocktail

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We recently took a boating trip through the Bahamas with our good friends Barbara and George. For most part, we stuck with remote and lightly inhabited ports where we cooked our meals on boat, but on occasion we made it into port for dinner and perhaps a cocktail or two. Rum rules in the Bahamas and every bar and restaurant has their own special rum and pineapple concoction. We had Nippers at the renowned Nippers Beach Bar and Grill on Great Guana Cay and Rum Blasts at Pete's Pub in Little Harbour and a secret blend of spiced rum and juice when we did our dive and snorkel excursion with Brendal of Brendal's Dive Center. 


Of course I asked for the ingredients at every port. At Nippers they told me pineapple juice, apple juice and rum, rum, rum. Given the beautiful color of the Nipper cocktail, I am pretty sure that was not the full recipe. At Pete's they told me the recipe included 5 kinds of rum and three different juices. Brendal would tell me nothing about his signature concoction.

 Bahama Conch Rum Cocktail | Something New For Dinner

So while provisioning in Marsh Harbour we went to Jimmy's liquor store and stocked up on a variety of rums to create our own concoctions. Rum is very affordable in the Bahamas, with most bottles selling for $15 or less. I used pineapple juice, guava juice and when we could find it, a little passion fruit juice. In keeping with the rum-rum-rum recipe, I used three kinds of rum, including a float of Myer's rum on top. 

Bahama Conch

I named this cocktail the Bahama Conch in honor of the beautiful and ubiquitous conch shells found everywhere in the Bahamas. You see conchs on the beaches, in the water, in the mangroves, built into walls and of course in every restaurant. Older conch can be bleached white or dark grey, but many are gorgeous shades of peach, tan and coral. I make over sized ice cubes from guava juice to give the drink a beautiful pink inner color, just like a conch shell.

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Party punch

This cocktail is easy to make for a crowd and can be made well in advance. Just mix it up in a pitcher or a punch bowl. But beware! My daughter Margo says this drink has the potential to be deadly as the fruit juice is delicious and you cannot taste much of the booze.

More pineapple cocktails

For some reason I seem to come back from my travels with new pineapple cocktails. If you love pineapple try my Thai pearl cocktail, Pineapple Moscow mule and Caribbean Painkiller cocktail. Let me know which is your favorite!



Bahama conch pineapple & rum cocktail

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This tasty rum, pineapple and guava juice cocktail is inspired by the beautiful colors of the conch shell found all over the Bahamas.


  • 1 46-ounce can of pineapple juice
  • 1 cup passion fruit juice (optional – or use 2 cups of guava juice)
  • 1 cup guava juice
  • 2 cups assorted dark rum (I used Flora de Cana 4 year gold rum and Brugal Extra Viejo)
  • Myers rum (to float on top of each drink)
  • Lime squeezes


  1. Put first four ingredients in a pitcher and stir. Pour punch into individual serving glasses filled with ice. Top with a floater of rum and a squeeze of lime.






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