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Pear soup with blue cheese & pancetta

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Healthy and comforting soup

I love soup in January for a number of reasons. The weather is cool (or at least coolish here in Southern California) and a good warm soup is just what is needed to soothe and nourish. If prepared properly, soup can make for an incredibly healthy meal and just the antidote for getting back on track after my annual Thanksgiving to New Year's series of overindulgences.

Creamed vegetable soups without the cream

Soup is a great way to crank up your vegetable consumption. I love to transform a bunch of vegetables into a smooth and creamy soup -- without the use of any cream. See my post on How to make cream-less pureed vegetable soups. The options are endless once you get the technique down.

This recipe is from Fiveandspice

When I ran across this recipe a few years ago on Food52 I was instantly intrigued. Pears, blue cheese and pancetta sounded like a delicious cheese board. Reading the recipe I was nearly certain it would be amazing and I wasn't disappointed. You definitely know you are eating pear soup, but it is more savory than sweet and the garnish of blue cheese and pancetta really brings all the flavors together. I have made a few small adjustments, but this recipe is the creation of Emily Kuross, a nutritionist, PhD in Food Policy, and food blogger at Fiveandspice. I hope you give this one a try!

About the pears

I have used both Bosc and Bartlett pears for this soup. They both work very well. If you don't have really ripe pears, I recommend using Bosc pears as they work well even if they are a little firm.

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About pureeing the soup

I like my pureed vegetable soups silky smooth, so I always puree in a blender. Alternatively you can puree in a food processor or use an immersion blender. Both work well, but will not be quite as smooth as the consistency you get from a blender. Remember to only fill the blender  two thirds full, put the lid on your securely and literally lean on it while blending to prevent it from popping off while processing or this can happen.

Gluten-free and adaptable for dairy-free, vegetarians and vegans

The great thing about this soup is just about everyone can eat it. I do not use the butter called for in the original recipe to make it dairy-free for the dairy-free members of our family; just skip the blue cheese. If you are feeding vegetarians or vegans you can make the soup with olive oil or butter and skip the pancetta. This soup is gluten-free. Emily's original recipe calls for 1/2 cup of creme fraiche to be stirred in after the soup is pureed. I am sure the creme fraiche would be good, but I find the soup delicious without it.

Cook once and eat twice -- I encourage you to double the recipe

I always double the recipe so I can cook once and eat twice. This soup freezes well so there is no reason not to make a big batch. I'll warn you though, even a double batch rarely sees it to my freezer. With a little luck we have a small portion or two to enjoy the next day.


Pear Soup, Blue Cheese & Pancetta | Something New For dinner

Pear soup with blue cheese & pancetta

Pears, blue cheese and pancetta combine to make a delicious savory soup with a hint of sweetness. Gluten-free and easily adjusted for vegan, vegetarian and…

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  1. eva segovia says:

    This pear soup is so delicious!!! Most people don’t think of soup as cocktail party food, but Kim serves them in tall latte mugs so guests can still wander around! Perfect for bookclubs!

    1. Kim says:

      Thank you Eva,
      A mug of hot soup is always appreciated in the cooler weather, and a good gazpacho is welcomed in warmer weather. I am very happy to eat soup all year round!

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